We’ve Already Achieved Techno-Telepathy via the Internet

tech teleapthy

If you really think about it, the internet can be considered a very low-tech version of techno-telepathy. The internet acts as our medium in the transferring of thoughts to other people. Similar to how two different studies this year successfully showed the transferring of thoughts and commands via BCIs (brain computer interfaces).

The difference, however, is in its efficiency. When you think of something, and then encode it online, it takes a while for people to read it and then think about it themselves. Facebook is a great example, where you’d send a PM to someone, and then wait a long time to finally see “Read at 10:57pm” or something along those lines, meaning the person finally read what you’d sent. It’s especially amusing when you send someone a joke, and rather than an instant laugh or boo, as would occur in normal communications, you wait several minutes, if not several hours, to finally get either a “LOL” or “I don’t get it.” In real life, we’d consider that an über-lag in communications.

So what the brain-to-brain communication studies this year have done is, not necessarily discover techno-telepathy, but rather make it much more efficient. So efficient that the transferring and receiving of thoughts are as fast, if not faster, than normal spoken communication. And it’s only going to get much more efficient and much smaller than large BCI machines. They’ll be implants in our brains – a hive mind, if you will.

Techno-telepathy isn’t something new we’ve discovered. It’s been here with us for a long time now. We’re just now reaching the point of fully realizing and achieving the peak of its power.


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