Business Leaders Look to Biohackers For Advice of the Future

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

biohacker feature

The world is changing in more ways than one. As technology continues to exponentially grow, businesses are left to make a decision: either ride on the exponential wave and thrive, or ignore the current of change and die. Understanding this, business leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs are starting to open their doors to those who were originally deemed the “crazies,” the “dreamers,” or some other negative connotation. One group in particular, however, are now beginning to make their way into mainstream lights that’ll change the future of humanity forever, and they are Biohackers.

“How would I feel about having tech inserted inside my body? In all honesty, I think biohacking, the cyborg human, is an eventuality that will materialize when the value proposition gets high enough.” – Peter H. Diamandis, “Why I Implanted an RFID Tag in My Hand

“Can you imagine having an implant that isn’t owned by you? This is already happening! My friend Enno Park in Berlin said that he has cochlear implants and that he wanted to hack them, and mess with them, and see what he could do with them. And the company said, ‘No. You don’t own your hearing; we own your hearing.’ Now that’s crazy! That’s crazy for somebody to own your hearing. Or if you have a heart valve implant, you’re not allowed to know how that works, you’re not allowed to see the source code. It’s your heart! If somebody told you that you weren’t allowed to know how your anatomical heart works, we’d burn down City Hall! It’s important to know how the things that are you work.” – Tim Cannon, Biohacker/Grinder, Grindhouse Wetware


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