Cicret: Augmented Reality Meets Wearable Computing

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Cicret 2

Sometimes one of the biggest hassles of becoming a technological society is having to keep up with each piece of technology you own. Whether it be your cell phone, your tablet, laptop, and so on, there’s just so much with so little room to carry it all at once, let alone keep track of. Thanks to French company Cicret, however, their new smart bracelet could very well alleviate your worries.

Serious Wonder has tried reaching out to the company, in the hopes of attaining more details about their Cicret bracelet, but have received no response as of yet. Even then, despite whatever skepticism one may have of their product, the idea behind it couldn’t come at a better time. With the advent of devices such as Google Glass, the Apple Watch, and so on, it’s clear that wearable computing acquires a popular, large market today, in which, if developed, Cicret will certainly succeed as a result.

Cicret 1

Using 8 long range proximity sensors and a pico projector, the Cicret bracelet will not only project a digital screen on your forearm, but you’ll be able to interact with it using simply your fingers. Think of it as a touch screen, only your arm has become the new screen. What can be displayed will be up to your heart’s desire – basically anything you ever access with your phone or tablet at any given day.

Coming in memory storage of both 16GB and 32GB, the Cicret bracelet also attains both WiFi and bluetooth. This will allow both online access wherever you go and the ability to connect your other devices, such as your phone, with that of Cicret. If you hear your phone going off, simply twist your wrist, turning the bracelet on, and your phone’s display will be projected on your arm, ready for you to answer immediately.

Cicret components

The company is currently seeking donations, with a funding goal of €700,000. If you wish to make a donation, be sure to check out their Donations page here.


While there are no promises that this particular product will see the light of day, especially given its heavy price tag in funding, but the prospect of similar technologies to emerge is much more likely. Cicret represents a merging of two of today’s disruptive technologies – augmented reality and wearable computing. Not only are we wearing devices which provide equal computing power to that of our computers, but we’re also starting to merge physical reality with that of virtual reality, creating digital augmentations within the very fabric of matter itself.

Imagine your body a blank canvas ready to come alive with digital upgrades. Not only will you be able to display your online presence over your offline body, soon you’ll be able to augment your entire self with that of digital renderings – skin designs, tattoos, real-time medical data, and so on. Eventually you won’t need wearables to project these renderings on your body, but instead will actually be inside of you via cybernetic implants. You may not see it right now, but Cicret is merely a stepping stone to your future Cyborg transformation.


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