Techno-Telekinetic Connection Between Artist and Water

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Techno-Telekinetic 1

“Wearing a futuristic headset embeded with electroencephalography (EEG) sensors, Park moniters her own brain activity during meditation and transposes this energy onto dishes of water to reveal zen-like vibrations.” – The Creators Project

Like a scene from The Matrix, Korean American artist Lisa Park successfully demonstrated the ability to manipulate water via the mind. Using the NeuroSky EEG headset, Park’s eye movements, alongside the delta, theta, alpha, and beta waves of her brain, were measured and then translated into sound waves. As a result, the speakers connected to dishes of water would create different vibrations, and thus different patterns, representing the data of each different set of emotions expressed – a techno-telekinetic connection between artist and water.

techno-telekinetic 2

“Throughout the performance of “Eunoia II”, the intensity of my feelings at the time are mirrored in the intensity of the sound in terms of volume, pitch, feedback, speed, and the panning of the sound output. The result was that the water responded in real-time creating different formations of ripples and droplets in unpredictable patterns.” – Lisa Park

Unlike the unfounded, long debunked belief of man naturally evoking a telekinetic connection with physical objects, this techno-telekinetic connection was achieved using modern science and technology. For the artist, however, there is still that sense of ancient metaphysical expression of zen, as taught by her ancestors.

Park’s experiment is demonstrated below (images + video).

techno-telekinetic 3techno-telekinetic 4techno-telekinetic 5


Like techno-telepathy, achieving techno-telekinetic connections with physical objects should be seen as a breakthrough for our future. The stories of science-fiction and fantasy are no longer mere tales, but rather scientific and technological discoveries waiting to be expressed by the ever-evolving apes known as humanity. Park’s artistic demonstration of this technology balances very well the ancient teachings of our ancestors with our growing scientific journey into the future.

Imagine an entire global population with the ability to manipulate objects and speak to each other via the mind. Imagine the new forms of art, philosophy, science, and technological innovations that would arise from such a world. That is the future we are creating here, and we’ve only just begun!


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