ReCURSION: Short Film Explores Time Traveling Implications

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Like most people, there are times in life where you might’ve contemplated time traveling. Whether it be to fix a mistake, or perhaps the simple pleasure of going back in time to witness moments in history, the idea of time traveling is so alluring that it’s dominated not just a large section of sci-fi culture, but subsequently real scientific research into its plausibility.

Whether or not time traveling is actually achievable, at least we can dream about it through literature and films. In which a new short film, titled ReCURSION, explores the paradoxical implications behind such a feat.

ReCURSION Synopsis

ReCURSION is the modern-day time-travel adventure of Sherwin, a best man who travels back in time after losing a wedding ring.

Directed by: Sam Buntrock
Written by: Stanton Nash
Produced by: Antonio R. Marion, Sam Buntrock, Stanton Nash
Starring: Rob McClure, Sam Tedaldi, Clara Wong, Ruffin Prestiss II

ReCURSION has won many awards since its release, and has premiered in several different festivals, gaining mass approval ratings.


ReCURSION sets itself in a modern day world, with one slight difference – one man, presumably a scientist, has engineered a time traveling device using an elevator. He understands the implications of such a device, and so only uses it for emergencies. Unfortunately for him, on the day of his best friend’s wedding, he loses the ring that he, the best man, was responsible for. Desperate, he decides to use his traveling device to go back earlier in the day to make sure he has the ring.

To make the situation all the more complex, he must dodge his earlier self to ensure he doesn’t trigger any paradoxes. Needless to say, no matter how hard he tried, he kept finding himself returning too late, having to travel in time once more, making the situation all the more complex and risky. What he discovers through his time traveling journey, however, changes everything!

SW rating recursion


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