Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan Conveys the Beauty of Life

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

beauty background

Last year Serious Wonder spoke briefly on the future of beauty as we continue marching towards the Transhuman Age. We emphasized on how exponentially growing technologies will forever change the standards in which we define beauty, not to mention the ways in which we express it – whether it be via 3D printing or augmented reality. According to Transhuman Designer Natasha Vita-More:

“‘Age before beauty’ is one of my favorite myths because I love to defy it.” – Natasha Vita-More

Though what wasn’t properly conveyed was the beauty of life – something in which every known Transhumanist finds to be both beautiful and worth fighting for. For futurist, Transhumanist, and author Zoltan Istvan – who is currently running for 2016 U.S. Presidency under the Transhumanist Party ticket – he felt the topic was worth speaking about last year at a TEDx event in Geneva, Switzerland. The video of his speech is provided below.

For centuries our species have strongly resonated in the beauty of death – whether it be justified through war, religion, or the simple desire to leave a world made up largely of poverty and disease. For Transhumanists, with war becoming an increasingly negative concept in the purview of a global populace, with more and more diseases being treated and cured using modern science, and poverty at an all-time low in history, it isn’t death that we find beautiful; instead we find beauty in life and wish to live for as long as possible.

Serious Wonder was able to speak with Zoltan Istvan, asking him why he believed that life, rather than death, should be what’s defined as beautiful:

“Historically speaking, culture has largely made the concept of “heaven” one of the most beautiful things imaginable. However, that’s a concept that ultimately promotes death–so I don’t find beauty in it at all. What I am hoping for, and why my speech was on the beauty of being alive, is to convince people that “real beauty” is here, right now, in this life. It’s here in the miracle of all of us just being alive and in the amazing possibilities we have as a species to evolve into incredibly beautiful things.

It’s just an attitude change. If society and our culture can learn to embrace life as beautiful (and not an afterlife), then they will want to live longer. If we can learn to believe in a so-called “heaven on earth,” then indefinite lifespans, life extension science, and longevity goals will become the norm, and not some obscure or fringe thing as some people think it is.” – Zoltan Istvan

And with that note, let us hope that the beauty of life continues to encapsulate the minds of our global population. Progress, reason, and optimism should be what motivates us in creating a better future for everyone.


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