Miguel Nicolelis’ TED Talk Goes Into the Advent of Techno-Telepathy

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:


Last year we were given the first piece of evidence that telepathy was a working method of communication between two or more people. The only difference was the fact that this form of telepathy was acquired via the use of advanced technology. What was achieved is known as brain-to-brain communications and was done so by hooking up one person into a brain-computer interface, whereas the other person(s) was hooked into a computer-brain interface.

As a result, as soon as the person hooked up in the BCI started thinking of words, those words would then be translated into binary code, transferred over to the CBI, and those hooked up there would immediately think of those exact words. To make the experiment all the more exciting, the people hooked into both the BCI and CBI machines were hundreds of miles apart. And yet, despite their large distance from one another, they were still able to communicate with their thoughts alone. It became the first real-world example of what is to be known as techno-telepathy!

The scientist who helped lead this experiment was Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, who is known for his pioneering studies in neuronal population coding, or as he likes calling it, “reading monkey thoughts.” In his latest TED talk, which was administered near the end of last year, Dr. Nicolelis goes into depth of how brain-to-brain communications – techno-telepathy – worked and the implications that’ll arise from it.

“Where is this going? We have no idea. We’re just scientists. We are paid to be children, to basically go to the edge and discover what is out there. But one thing I know: One day, in a few decades, when our grandchildren surf the Net just by thinking, or a mother donates her eyesight to an autistic kid who cannot see, or somebody speaks because of a brain-to-brain bypass, some of you will remember that it all started on a winter afternoon in a Brazilian soccer field with an impossible kick.” – Dr. Miguel Nicolelis

That kick that Dr. Nicolelis is referring to was the opening kick for the 2014 World Cup, which was delivered by Brazilian teenager Juliano Pinto. What made this kick truly remarkable was the fact that Juliano was a paraplegic – meaning that he was paralyzed from the waist down. So how did he achieve this opening kick for the World Cup last year? By wearing an exoskeleton suit that he controlled using his thoughts alone. It was the same technology used to achieve techno-telepathy.


As noted by Dr. Nicolelis, he foresees a future where brain-to-brain communications becomes the norm of communication in itself. Whether it’s with other people or with the various technologies we attain at that time, techno-telepathy (and equally techno-telekinesis) will become the predominant method of communication, changing everything we know of the world – governance, education, banking, shopping, etc. Nothing will be left unaffected by the advent of techno-telepathy.


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