Unreal Paris: The Future of Realistic Gaming Is Upon Us

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

As an avid video gamer myself, I long for the day when I become so immersed in a game that I’ll have an incredibly difficult time trying to differentiate the real world from the virtual one. Helping make this a reality, level designer Dereau Benoît recently released Unreal Paris, an interactive, downloadable map that’ll allow you to explore a digitally rendered Paris home.

Using game developer Epic Games’ latest Unreal Engine 4, the experience is exactly what gamers have been begging for – eye-candy graphics that are so realistic it’s nearly impossible in recognizing the difference between a real Paris home.

“I attempt to bring to my works such care and image composition as I have developed through my productions under Mental Ray®, the goal being to immerse the spectator or player in a given atmosphere and emotion.” – Dereau Benoît

We’ve provided a video of the tutorial below, alongside several images for you to really enjoy. However, Unreal Paris is best left to be experienced yourself. And thanks to Dereau Benoît, Unreal Paris is now available for download!

Unreal Paris is everything I ever wanted in a video game, graphics wise. It’s so beautifully rendered that to attempt to differentiate it from the real world would take an equally incredible cross-comparative analysis with that of a real home. The lighting is spectacular, the various textures available are on par with real-world textures, and the mere setting really encapsulates you in a emotionally-driven immersion.

If there’s anything that I could critique about Unreal Paris, it would have to be its mirrors. Once the player makes its way into the bathroom – a room that is just absolute eye-candy in itself – you almost immediately notice how blurry the mirror reflects the entire room. In the real world, if I had a mirror that so poorly reflected myself, I wouldn’t bother purchasing it. Other than that, however, there’s nothing of the tutorial that doesn’t impress me.

Soon the graphics engine used to develop Unreal Paris will be used for all video games – both console and PC alike – for everyone to enjoy. In fact, the integration with virtual reality and motion-gesture gaming will equally compliment the realism by providing with each game 100% full immersion. By that time, how you define what is “real” will become a challenge. The experience will be in parallel with that of the holodecks from Star Trek, where, in a small room, a whole new world filled with adventure and thrills envelops in just seconds. I’m especially excited for future horror games!

Unreal Paris 1-2

Unreal Paris 2

Unreal Paris 3

Unreal Paris 4

Unreal Paris 5


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