See Spot Run! Say Hello To Boston Dynamics’ Newest Robot

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER

When the robotics design company Boston Dynamics was bought off by Google back in 2013 it was unclear whether or not we’d see the light of day for the company anytime soon. After all, Google has a knack at spending a great deal of time in the shadows of its semi-secret facility Google X to attempt to ‘wow’ us at a later date. Though, just yesterday, both Google and Boston Dynamics decided to ‘wow’ us sooner, rather than later, by introducing their latest robotic member of the team – Spot!

Spot – the latest autonomous quadruped robot – appears to be a smaller sized WildCat, weighing in at only around 160 pounds. Its agile maneuverability is in top quality as the video shows staff of Boston Dynamics attempting to kick down Spot as it moved throughout the building and outside, only for it to maintain its balance. To top it off, unclear whether or not Spot has the ability to sense rocky terrain or a set of steps, no matter where it’s walking or running, Spot has full control and dominates its surrounding environment with relative ease.


For now, we have very little information on what Spot’s purpose is, let alone how it works or its specs. The company merely wished to treat us with a teaser, it would seem, with this video on Youtube. But even then, it’s pretty clear that the conjoined efforts of Google and Boston Dynamics is reaching for a specific goal: smaller, more agile robots for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. With this will likely come the prospect of a very unique, perhaps even affordable market for advanced robotics – whether it be for the everyday consumer or for global military establishments. Whatever the future holds, Spot is just the beginning!


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