Today’s Universities Are Ill-Equipped In Embracing the Future of Work

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

The future of work is a question that is currently in a very heated debate between those who believe the status quo of jobs will remain and those who believe technological unemployment will be unleashed due to advanced technologies. Despite conflict in opinion, however, it would appear the latter is already in motion with several jobs becoming extinct, whereas others that remain evolve in a exponentially rapid pace.

What does this mean for our students currently spending thousands of dollars (or other currencies) for an education through whatever University? Unfortunately today’s Universities are ill-equipped in embracing the future of work, leaving millions of students jobless once they graduate.

“The solution to the problem may lie in the technology that created the problem in the first place. This communications environment that has arisen in the last 4 years is starting to change the way in which education works. Massive online open courses are an example of something we can do in the online world that would be very hard to do if you had to show up in a classroom somewhere.” – Vint Cerf

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are, indeed, one of many solutions set out in addressing the shift in exponential technological innovations in both the workforce and society as a whole. But even then, we’re left with a question of how education will transform itself at the given prospect of a currency-less society and where work is merely defined by your contributions to society. Whether we call it the Age of Abundance or, as economics theorist Jeremy Rifkin likes calling it, a Zero Marginal Cost Society, we must change the way we think of education in tandem with our re-defining of work.

Soon we’ll be creating things without the cost of resources or the fear of losing profits, due to a self-replenishing dynamic in our technological innovations. Technologies like 3D printing will finally liberate us from the highly monotonous labor we’ve been forced to endure for centuries.


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