Psycho-Pass Philosophy: Achieving Immortality via Cyborg Enhancements

become cyborg psycho pass

Toyohisa Senguji: “It’s enabled me to experience all sorts of new activities in my life. I honestly never expected that beating the disease of aging would bring me this kind of happiness. But that’s something a person can’t understand until they embrace a cyborg body.”

Reporter: “Sir, even with all our advances, I understand that the human brain cannot live beyond one hundred fifty years. Being able to fully cyberize a brain for an infinite lifespan may prove to be beyond science’s reach.”

Senguji: “Long as I keep my brain stimulated, I’ll be able to squeeze plenty of life from it! Enough, I believe, for them to find a cyberization breakthrough in the meantime.”

Reporter: “Now I see. If that happens while you’re still alive…”

Senguji: “That’s right, I’ll have achieved immortality. The Old Testament tell us that God created man in His own image. Don’t you think it’s time for us humans to take some of God’s power for ourselves?” 

Reporter: “According to a recent survey, a super-majority of respondents said they’d be uncomfortable with any more than 50 percent of their bodies being replaced with cybernetics.”

Senguji: “I understand the hesitance the public still has on this issue. But we’re all more machine than we realize. Take you, for instance. You’re already quite the cyborg.”

Reporter: “Mr. Senguji, I assure you I have no artificial arms, legs, eyes, or other body parts.”

Senguji: “But you do carry around a portable information terminal, don’t you?”

Reporter: “Well, yes, but doesn’t everyone?”

Senguji: “And a costume device?”

Reporter: “Of course.”

Senguji: “And your home’s functions are all fully automated with an A.I. secretary, yes?”

Reporter: “Yes.”

Senguji: “So what would happen to you if all your settings and data in those devices were to be lost in some kind of disaster?”

Reporter: “I guess…I wouldn’t be able to do any work until they were restored.”

Senguji: “When you hand over so much of your life and work to digital devices, the insistence you’re not a cyborg doesn’t sound very convincing anymore, now does it? For you, all these terminals and A.I. programs are practically a second brain. Am I right? It’s said the arc of progress is the expansion of the body’s functionality. That means, man’s history is also the history of cyberization, and vice versa. Like I said, we’re more machine than we think.”

(Psycho-Pass, s01e09, “Paradise Fruit”)


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