Uber CEO Travis Kalanick: ‘Do you want to be part of the future or do you want to resist it?’

uber colbert

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was just on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and I loved his response to Colbert’s question about Uber’s desire to replace human drivers for robots:

“Google’s doing the driverless thing. Tesla’s doing the driverless thing. Apple’s doing the driverless thing. This is going to be the world. And so the question for a tech company is: do you want to be part of the future or do you want to resist the future? And we feel that, in many ways, we wanna not be like the taxi industry before us.”

I agree 100%!


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  1. JiaoshouX says:

    An interesting endorsement for driverless cars, given that Uber doesn’t actually connect passengers to cars, it connects passengers to drivers! Does this mean that Uber is releasing an App for the Googlecar? On a personal note I want to know if Google/Apple/Tesla will pay any traffic infringements/offenses they incur while I am their passenger? Can’t help but think we need to re-cable the roads (data and power) before this will work; we could get rid of power and phone/data lines as we know them and have /everything/ run through the road at the same time.

  2. JiaoshouX says:

    Tesla’s latest announcement… they key feature Musk talks about is Autosteer. Tesla plan to roll out ‘driver assistance’ features. Looks like ‘drive assisted parking’ on smart drugs: )

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