Attack of the Drones! New Audi Commercial Goes Cyberpunk

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER


It’s been a long time coming, but the automobile industry is finally catching up with the future. Integrating sensor technology with automation, the new Audi A6 commercial promises a car so smart that not even a swarm of drones gone rogue can match its technological prowess.

What author Daniel H. Wilson called, “THE BIRDS meets ROBOPOCALYPSE,” the new Audi A6 commercial goes full cyberpunk as it depicts a swarm of drones attacking employees of an unknown corporation. Where many fled in fear, only to then be dominated by the drones, one man stood out. As he entered his Audi A6 and asked it for directions, he then takes off, leaving the drones in the dust. The commercial first aired almost two weeks ago, but if you haven’t seen it yet, watch below.

Audi vs Drones

“Hi-tech advancements like drones are becoming frighteningly common. But Audi wants to remind us that technology doesn’t have to be scary. Inspired by Hitchcock’s The Birds, Audi shows how the available advanced technology in the new Audi A6 is the opposite of intimidating.”

– Audi


This new commercial by Audi shouldn’t be seen as a mere fluke, but rather as increased awareness from our various industries that the future is happening now. Whether it’s advanced sensor technology, automobile automation, or commercial drones, we’re starting to live in the very future we’d only imagined in decades of sci-fi literature. As a result, we’re about to witness the third industrial revolution in all of its glory, starting with automated transportation services, from cars to drones.

Though I would argue that Audi’s – albeit humorous – attempts to differentiate their car technology from drone technology as a bit dubious – that is, between “utopian tech” and “dystopian tech” – I still found it quite refreshing and most definitely creative. If it was me in that situation, however, I’d be rolling out of there with a Tesla. Let’s see if those drones can match 0-60 in just 3 seconds!


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