To Wander Is To Wonder, For We Are Wonder Junkies!

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

wonder junkie

Is the meaning of life the answers in which we seek, or is it merely the act of seeking answers which give us our meaning? We have this biological trait of wonder – an innate desire to wander out into the darkness – in order to discover new possibilities. Whether it’s discovering fire to illuminate the darkness here on Earth, or even engineering marvelous star ships to help us travel the unknown void we know as our universe, our very existence today is solely due to our curiosity.

What techno-philosopher Jason Silva does in the video above is perfectly encapsulate the very meaning to life: it isn’t the answers in which we search for, but rather the search for answers itself! Once we discover answers to the many questions we ask, all that does is end one question and invoke several more, thus continuing our journey. We wonder about the future, not simply in the hope of achieving said future, but subsequently because the very act of wonder makes us feel most alive.

As cosmologist Carl Sagan once said, “We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still!” As a species we wandered out of the African plains in search of something more. We traveled the seas in search of new worlds, and so it is only fitting to see us doing the same exact thing with our cosmic oceans as well. To wander is to wonder, for we are wonder junkies! Whatever we evolve into as the years go by, I believe it is that one trait of ours – to wonder; curiosity! – which will live on and expand our footprint throughout the entire universe.


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