H+ Poetry: “Goodnight, Farewell”

hong_kong_street_patrol_by_sergeyzabelin-d8lio23 (1)

Goodnight, farewell to the rainy streets I dwell,
Red districts, body shops, foreign clientele.
I’ve seen so much, And yet, too much to tell.
Rain drop rivers over graphene streets,
A futurist orchestra with front row seats.
Sheets of augmentations,
Crowds of body modifications,
Drone-lit skies veiling planetary retreats.
As I stand forlorn between virtual pedestrians,
The noise of chaos shroud cishuman thespians.
A life’s lesson taught in the course of millennia,
As memories cascade like a never ending cinema.
Memories where sorrow and beauty coalesce;
Where enemies and lovers undress, then regress.
I must confess to you, dear readers, of these travels
         that I’ve endured –
Of sins that I’ve committed to obscure such potent allure.

To abscond from these rainy dwellings,
I profess a dramatic exit
From a lovers quarrel between man and machine
That shroud our freedom of loneliness.
Where every follicle and matter are observed by
         those of whom are awake;
Where eyes exist by every step you take
And your life is all but opaque,
An extant of chemistry prevails in the land of post-biology.
I’ll never forget the merriment enjoyed by those
         of various morphologies.
Yet still, I remain awake in a city that is real and fake.
Controlled by corporate conglomerates
Who distract us with in-vitro steak.
We ache for realness long disregarded by the
         immortal chosen few,
Demanding for a future that is bright and true
And transhuman, through ‘n through.

Do not askew my elucidations,
I stand opposed to luddite fables.
I merely envision this present day’s rescission
And a future undivided by labels.
Until then, I’ll disappear,
Slumbering away like sublimated vapor.
Goodnight, farewell to the rainy streets I dwell,
If you need me, I’ll be in my cryo-chamber.


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  1. I take it that this poem eminates from a Transhumanist perspective. It is therefore interesting to note the ambivalence towards Transhumanism which, to me comes through in the verse. Kevin

    1. B.J. Murphy says:

      I’m pro-Transhumanism, but in this poem, I was sort of paying homage to the cyberpunk subgenre of sci-fi, which is what I grew up with as a child. I made note in the poem that this wasn’t against Transhumanism, per se, but against a future where inequality still existed, it was undemocratic, etc. I preferred a Transhumanist “future undivided by labels.”

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