Magic Leap Demo Promises Augmented Reality Eye Candy!

My following article below was originally published by SERIOUS WONDER:

Magic Leap

Whether this is an actual demo or just a design concept of what the company promises, I must say, I’m absolutely excited! Magic Leap made a lot of noise last year when they began receiving millions of dollars in funding by several different companies, including Google, promising an augmented reality device that’ll change the future forever. Just yesterday the company started a Youtube channel and released its first supposed demo, provided below, which is pure eye candy!

“Magic Leap is an idea. An idea that computing should be shaped and forged to work for us: our life, our physiology, our connected relationships. That exploring human creativity is as great an adventure as exploring space. It’s an idea based in the belief that people should not have to choose between technology or safety, technology or privacy, the virtual world or the real world.” – Magic Leap


The company Magic Leap promises a product like nothing seen before; it promises a near-future where magic is brought back into the world – where dragons can fly in our skies; giant sea creatures leaping out of our oceans; so on and so forth. It subsequently promises what I’ve come to coin as “Two-World’s Theory,” whereby we witness the blurring of both our offline lives and our online lives. Here the future of computing will be given birth, as the demo clearly shows with its Gmail AR app.

Magic Leap certainly upholds its name quite well – that is, if the demo presented will actually be how the final product presents itself. I’m looking forward to seeing what the company has next for us and hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on a consumer product soon. Until then, enjoy the demo!


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