Samsung Lets Father Witness the Birth of His Child Using Virtual Reality

My following article below was originally published on SERIOUS WONDER:

Samsung LifeLIVE 2

When virtual reality first reared in its head with the Oculus Rift, gamers around the world rejoiced with the likely response, “About damn time!” But soon we began looking at virtual reality as not just a tool for video games, but subsequently for online social media, for films, and so much more. Now we’ve taken it one step further by introducing virtual reality into the world of birth giving! To achieve this, Samsung decided to help a father, who was working overseas, to witness the birth of his child using the Gear VR headset.

“Sometimes barriers like distance keep people from being part of experiences that no one wants to miss. So we decided to help two people come together in a completely new way to let them share one of life’s most profound moments. Welcome to the world’s first live virtual reality birth using the Samsung Gear VR. #LifeLIVE”

– Samsung


The advent of virtual reality is changing the very way we experience life itself. For now, virtual reality is helping us transport into virtual worlds, experience films from different angles, and bear witness to events thousands of miles away from you. Soon, however, virtual reality will encompass our entire lives, melding together with our physical reality – the merging of our offline world with our online one. The clothes we wear, the objects with pick up, the people we talk to – all of this will attain some virtual impact, giving birth to what we know today as augmented reality.

As shown in Samsung’s LifeLIVE video, the father was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to witness his wife give birth to a brand new child, even without him physically being there. The only problem was that he had to wait to actually touch his child and hug his wife. That physical touch is important, but currently unattainable with today’s VR tech. That’ll all change in the next few years as we mix haptic technology with virtual objects and turn entire physical environments into virtual holographic mirrors for you to see before your very eyes and touch. If you thought the Samsung Gear VR is amazing, just you wait and see what virtual reality turns into in the next decade!


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