Hex House: Hexagonal Housing Units for Refugees

My following article below was originally published on SERIOUS WONDER

hex refugees 1

Over the course of 5 years, tens of millions of refugees have fled the country of Syria as a result of the ongoing war against the Islamic terrorist group ISIS. This refugee crisis has forced those displaced to instead relocate elsewhere across the world. For those who are accepted, their means of shelter varies from country to country – some living in tents, where others are living in steel caravans.

This needs to change. And the public charity organization Architects for Society have an idea to provide better living conditions for those refugees seeking shelter. Say hello to the Hex House!

“With the prevalence of refugee displacement across the globe Architects For Society has embarked on designing building solutions that target these populations by providing housing designs that are both dignified and cost effective.”

– Architects for Society

hex refugees 2

The Hex House is a hexagonal housing unit for refugees fleeing war zones and natural disasters. The goal of these housing units is to ensure these refugees are provided options for shelter of which are considered both dignified and affordable.

These Hex Houses are low-cost, sustainable, and are capable of being rapidly deployed at an early notice. They’d be shipped in pieces and assembled by the end users. In terms of structure design, these housing units would contain galvanized tube steel for the base, structural insulated metal panels for the walls, floor and roof, and the subsequent ability of being customized with interior and exterior finishes.

Architects for Society are now underway in preparing for a prototype build, but need your help with funding. If you’d like to help, click the contribute button below.



As the Syrian war continues, the potential of millions of more refugees fleeing the country and seeking shelter will force us to address this crisis immediately and with maximum efficiency. The Hex House not only provides a design that resonates with the times, but their low-cost and sustainable structural build will help ensure refugees are provided shelter of which they deserve. As time goes by, these very same builds could be used to help house the homeless for virtually free and help combat against poverty.

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