Meet Otto – Samsung’s Robot Assistant, Competitor to Amazon’s Echo

My following article below was originally published on SERIOUS WONDER

otto robot.jpg

Amazon’s Echo has become a huge hit. With the simple call to “Alexa,” all of your questions and demands are easily responded to. The Echo marks one of many turning points for the future of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and its relationship with us humans. The only thing that could stop it now would be a potential competitor.

And a competitor Samsung wishes to be. Say hello to Otto – Samsung’s robot assistant and potential future competitor to Amazon’s Echo.

“Otto isn’t a real product just yet; it’s only a prototype at the moment. It’s being shown off at Samsung’s developer conference to demo its ARTIK Internet of Things platform.”

– Nicole Lee, Engadget

This robot assistant is quite similar to Amazon’s Echo insofar that it contains both a microphone and speaker to answer any question you might have, and is equally capable of connecting to other smart devices throughout your home via Internet of Things. What makes Otto stand out from Alexa, however, is the robot’s HD camera to recognize faces and its small screen which displays a variety of animations, including its own face.

Oh, and apparently Otto can sing as well!

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Otto sings a song #sdc2016

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While Samsung’s Otto is merely a prototype, its potential will soon be cascading across the entire robotics industry. As A.I. continues to exponentially grow and increase in intelligence, the more interactive we become with our fellow robot companions. And they won’t simply stand on your desk, waiting for you to ask a question or give out orders. They’ll be sufficiently attentive to their surrounding environment, recognize yours and others’ facial and emotional patterns, and respond forthright at their own behest. It’ll be just like having a conversation with another fellow human, only they won’t be human at all. They’ll be something much more.

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