Portal: Telemedicine Headset Assisting Remote Communication With Your Doctor

My following article below was originally published on SERIOUS WONDER:

portal telemedicine `

The future of our healthcare is undergoing a crucial transformation. Today, acquiring proper medical care is increasingly becoming more reliant on both Big Data and artificial intelligence (A.I.). As a result, patients are given a means of communication with their doctors that is both affordable and convenient.

Riding on top of this technological wave, designer Jonathan Stewart believes his concept design could help provide a more direct line of communication between doctors and their patients. Say hello to Portal – a telemedicine headset that will assist you with remote contact with any doctor you choose.

“Telemedicine is a process in which a patient can communicate with a doctor online and is becoming increasingly popular as an efficient and convenient method to consult with a medical practitioner.”

– Jonathan Stewart

portal telemedicine 2

The Portal telemedicine headset comes equipped with a detachable stethoscope, an integrated high definition eye camera, an ear pulse oximetry sensor, and a tympanic thermometer. This wearable device wouldn’t just provide your body’s basic vital data, but would also have the capability of integrating with subsequent data collected via other wearable devices.

As a result, this would provide a much more comfortable operation in the privacy of you and your doctor’s conversations.



As the future of our healthcare continues moving in the direction of telemedicine, how we use technology to help assist us in our physiological well-being becomes a far more important question than it already is. In the not-too-distant future, people will be collecting and cataloging all of their medical information using both wearable and biologically embedded computational devices. We’ll have nanobots swimming throughout our bloodstream, monitoring our entire organ system to ensure its overall health and efficiency. And rather of having to rely on human medical diagnoses and care, we’ll instead be having direct conversations with an incredibly sophisticated A.I. network using the various devices available to us.

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