First Ever Street Action For Transhumanism In the United States!

UPDATE: This article has now been officially re-published by Brighter Brains Institute.

Transhumanist activists at the Googleplex. (Photo by Turchin Alexei)
Transhumanist activists at the Googleplex. (Photo by Turchin Alexei)

On February 26, Transhumanist activists in both California and New York made their voices known – indefinite life extension, now!

In New York, at the Union Square, Transhumanist activist Sarah Jordan Amechazurra stood during the beautiful day, holding a sign saying “Google, please, solve Death.” The message was loud and clear, demanding that Google keeps to their word of pushing anti-aging research through their newly developed sub-company Calico.

Sarah Jordon Amechazurra at Union Sq. (Photo by Turchin Alexei)
Sarah Jordon Amechazurra at Union Sq. (Photo by Turchin Alexei)

A similar action occurred outside by Googleplex, the corporate headquarters of Google, in Mountain View, CA. Activists Turchin Alexei, Jason Xu, and Michael Anisimov occupied the large green Android ‘bot, holding up signs saying, “Immortality now,” “Viva Calico,” and “Google, please, solve Death.” Ten minutes into the action, however, campus security confronted the activists and asked them to leave the premises, stating they couldn’t protest on the private grounds. So they packed up their things and politely conceded by leaving.

Though this is merely the beginning. This was the first ever street action to occur for Transhumanism in the U.S., which will soon turn into a stepping stone for future actions. Transhumanism is a growing international social movement, gaining speed as more and more people begin realizing the full potential of scientific and technological advancements toward humanity’s next evolutionary steps.

In other words: Transhumanism is here to stay! Google, are you listening?

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  1. Christopher S. Jannette says:

    I wonder if I know any of these people.. yup.

  2. The problem with the Transhumanism “movement” is that they are all being played.

    Seriously folks, do you think the people developing this tech are going to share it with you?

    This tech will be developed, but the people paying for it, or at least controlling it, will be the ones who decide who benefits, and those people are misanthropes.


    1. B.J. Murphy says:

      History proves otherwise regarding technology. The rich nominally acquire technology before anyone else, but then it’s always first models, which is always the most expensive. Computers, cell phones, gene sequencing, etc. – your skepticism doesn’t take into account either Moore’s Law or the Law of Accelerating Returns.

  3. DG says:

    Transhumanists need to understand what a simulacrum is. And it is good to wonder which of the two kinds of simulacra described by Plato that the transhumanists would want: the accurate imitation, or the simulacra that seem more perfect than what it is they attempt to imitate. I would guess the latter.

    The idea that this will solve death is nonsense. Imagine a man is surreptitiously “uploaded” and the program begins to operate long before his death – without him ever being aware of it. Does he become the program now? Of course not. Whether he lives or dies, he is not the simulation of himself. The map is not the territory, and simulacra aren’t real.

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